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TV Advertising

TV advertising supplement your brand’s credibility and convey affirmations to the audience that your company is a big player in the industry.

Though online streaming services and video platforms are grabbing more and more eyeballs by the day, it’s a mistake to listen to the naysayers’ rhetoric that TV advertising is dead.

TV still accounts for 66.8% of the average Malaysian’s media consumption (as of 2021). Moreover, 46% of consumers rank TV advertising second as their top sources of influence in looking to buy new products.

Radio Advertising

In comparison, Radio advertising is a cost-effective way to build brand resonance through intimate appeal. It proves to continue to attract listeners in Malaysia, reaching 94% of the total population on an average week.

Findings have shown that weekday breakfast shows (6 – 10AM) and drive time shows (4 – 8PM) garner the highest listenership, accounting for 15.1 mil and 14.6 mil listeners respectively for radio advertisements.

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