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Get More Customers & Generate Leads With Google Ads

Google Search Ads

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. When we run your Google Search advertisement, it shows near Google search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

It could also appear beside, above or below searches on Google Play, the Shopping tab, Google Images, Google Maps, and the Maps app.

With billions of searches per day on Google, we use Search ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings, and take action.


Google Display Ads

Display ads can help us promote your business when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps. The Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, across millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube.


Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are interactive image advertisements that take advantage of user intent and are mobile-optimized to be aesthetically appealing. These advertisements are based on Google indications from users’ website visits, app downloads, videos viewed, and map searches.

With the use of Discovery Ads, we can connect with up to 2.9 billion users who are browsing through ‘Discover’ feeds to catch up on their favourite topics, scrolling through YouTube feeds, and checking their Gmail Promotions and Social tabs.


Person watching YouTube Ad

Google Perfomance Max

Performance Max campaigns can run across all of Google’s inventory, which sets them apart significantly from other campaigns. Any of the placements filled by Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery campaigns can also be served by Performance Max campaigns.

This new campaign type (released in 2021) uses strong automation and algorithms to make more accurate predictions about which ads, audiences, and creative combinations perform best for you.

Why Advertise with Us?

We are a certified Google Partner

Mega Trend Advertising is a certified Google Partner in creating and managing your advertising campaigns using Google AdWords.

Mega Trend “Google Advertising” Packages

RM 23,567/6mo

Actual Media Spend: RM2940

Service Fees: Management Fee (RM882) + Once-off Setup fee (RM300) + 6% Service Tax (RM70.92)

1 Ad. Campaign (GSN only)

Up to 50 Target Keywords

Up to 10 Ad. Groups

Up to 10 Text Ad. creation

Google Analytics Account Linking

Detailed Campaign Report (6-months)

Negative Keywords

Conversion Tracking

RM 86,991/yr

Actual Media Spend: RM5460

Service Fees: Management Fee (RM1638) + Once-off Setup fee (RM600) + 6% Service Tax (RM134.28)

2 Ad. Campaigns (GSN only)

Up to 80 Target Keywords

Up to 20 Ad. Groups

Up to 20 Text Ad. creation

Negative Keywords

Google Analytics Account Linking

Conversion Tracking

Detailed Campaign report (12-months)


RM 171,982/yr
Actual Media Spend: RM10920

Service Fees: Management Fee (RM3276) + Once-off Setup fee (RM1200) + 6% Service Tax (RM268.68)

Max 4 Ad. Campaigns (GSN & GDN)

Up to a total. of 100 Keywords/ Phrases/ Targeted Criteria for all Campaigns

Up to 30 Text Ad. creation

1 Creative Image Ad. design provided

1 Landing Page design provided

Weekly campaign optimization

Negative Keywords

Google Analytics Account Linking

Conversion Tracking

Call + Site Links Extensions


SEM & SEO Expert Assigned

Detailed Campaign Report + Marketing Advice provided (12-months)

What Services Do We Offer?

Keyword & Competitive Ad Research

Research for the most effective keywords and creatives of existing competitors’ Ads.

Create & Optimize Landing Page

Create a Landing page that is optimized to convert more leads/sales and to get good quality score which help to reduce Ad costs.

Campaign Setup & Optimization

Setup and run full campaign with strong optimization to reduce PPC costs and to attain more Leads.

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Track the campaign conversions and optimize them to improve conversions.

Creative Services

Design attractive creatives that bring visitors to the Landing page.

Report & Analysis

Provide analysis report and advice clients on the best Ad. campaign to meet Ad. goal.

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