Facebook Ads

Reach all the right people more efficiently

Engage people where they’re already engaged. On Facebook, you can target your ads to exactly the people you’d like to connect with, and decide how much you’d like to spend. Once your ads are running, Ads Manager shows how you’re doing so you can continue to invest in the ads that bring you the most success.

How FB Ads Work

Ads on Facebook are unique. They’re shown to specific groups of highly engaged people on desktop and mobile. When your  ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful.

Top Targeting Options


Good for: Helping you make sure you’re reaching people in a location that’s relevant to your business. If you’re a local business, you should always use location targeting.


Good for: If you’re advertising something that requires age verification (e.g. alcohol products). Narrow down your audience to the age group that’s most likely to become a customer of your business.


Good for: Ads that are gender specific. Segment your audience—create two ads that are exactly the same but one is targeted to men and one to women to see who is most responsive.


Good for: Reaching people with an interest that’s similar to what you’re offering.

Broad Categories

Good for: Reaching people who fall into a certain general category (e.g. parents).


Good for: Targeting an ad to people who have a certain connection to your Page (e.g. people who like your Page).

Promoted Posts

 Promoting Page posts helps you reach more people. When you promote a post, you can choose to reach more of the people who like your Page or expand your audience to everyone on Facebook. If you choose “everyone on Facebook”, make sure to add location targeting so you reach only the people who will find your business relevant.

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are posts about a special discount or promotion that can be created right from the sharing tool on your Page.

An offer post is special because when it shows to people in News Feed, it has a Get Offer button that encourages people to claim it. You can track the success of your Offers not just through the number of claims, but also by counting how many customers walk into your store and spend money. You can even create a barcode for your Facebook Offer so that it’s easy to scan and keep track of sales.

The goals you can choose from are:

Get more Page likes

Promote Page posts

Get more app users

Increase app engagement